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Mialek Mechanical Air Conditioning company specializes in the Unico High Velocity Small-Duct
Air Conditioning System. We provide new installation, and consultation on existing installation. We
also offer competitive preventative system maintenance agreement for all new and existing
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Matches Any Décor
The Unico Systems Outlets are small, subtle and blend into any décor. Whatever your personal taste
may be, Unico has a variety of styles and finishes that will suit even the most selective of clients.
Outlets are available in Original, Wooden, Solid Cast Brass, Sloped and Slotted. See Diagram Below
The Difference Between The Unico System and a Conventional A/C System
Draft Free
Because it works on the principle of aspiration in which streams of air
enter a room and gently mix with the room's existing air currents,
temperatures are even from floor to ceiling, without the hot spots and
cold spots of conventional systems.
Its Very Quiet
Unico's supply tubing is lined with sound dampening, spun-bond nylon, it
utilizes a patented high velocity stream of air. This air is delivered quietly and
seamlessly into the room using our 2" outlets or the 8" x ¾" slotted diffuser.
So you feel the superior comfort of Unico System, but you don't hear it.
Fits anywhere, Into any decor
It does not matter when your home or building was built, or what its physical
configuration are, If you choose the Unico System it will not compromise the design
or architectural integrity. The Unico System's 5" diameter outlets are available in
paintable plastic or stainable wood and are virtually invisible once they are installed.
see above
diagram 1
Diagram 1  Outlets
Unico System Can Be Installed In Any Building
Whether you own a Ranch, Colonial, Victorian or a Brownstone, even a  row house or
townhouse; one story, split level or multi-story; office or industrial space - regardless of your
building's age, design, construction, or heating system, Unico System is the answer to all of
your heating and cooling needs.
Fits where conventional systems can't
It requires little-or-no remodeling, and eliminates boxy metal ductwork. Never use unattractive
window or wall-mount units again.

Unico System

Conventional System
200 CFM per ton
400 CFM per ton
600 CFM at 1.5" static (3 ton)
1200 CFM at .15" static (3ton)
2000 ft. per minute discharge
500-600 fpm discharge
Trunk, plenum 7" round or 6 1/2" id sq
Trunk main 24 X 8
Run outs 3" O.D.
Run outs 6" round
Terminator outlets are 2" I.D.
Registers 4"X 10"
Delta T across coil is 25-28 F
Delta T across coil is 15-17 F
Delivers via aspiration
Delivers via diffusion
Humidity removal is 11.7 lbs/hr
Humidity removal is 9 lbs/hr
Attic duct heat gain/loss 7-9%
Attic duct heat gain/loss 15-20%
Unico System Components
Removes up to 30% more moisture than conventional systems
Because the Unico System has unique coils that colder than conventional coils, more moisture is removed. This
is especially beneficial in areas with high humidity, creating a perfectly comfortable environment.
Unico System Equipment(s) &  Sizes
Heats as well as cools
Quiet operation
No refrigerant in the conditioned
space; unlimited remote location
Allows for multiple air handlers (zones)
Can be banked with multiple Chiller
Highly efficient
Model 1218 Provides 1 to 1.5
nominal tons of cooling capacity.
Model 2430 Requires a minimum of 12
outlets and is adaptable
from 2 to 2.5 nominal tons
Model 4860 Requires a minimum of 24
outlets and is adaptable from 4 to 5
nominal tons
Model 3642 Requires a minimum of 18
outlets and is adaptable
from 3 to 3.5 nominal tons.
Solid Cast
15" and 25° Angled
Outlets for Sloped
Ceilings and Walls
1/2" x 8" Slotted Outlet
for Sidewall Applications
5" Outer Diameter     
Outlet for Ceiling        
5" Outer Diameter
Outlet for Hardwood
Floor Application
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